How to select the most suitable mount for an LCD or LED TV?

In general, there are 4 criteria for deciding on which type of mount to use:
  • Viewing Area

  • Viewing Height

  • Viewing Flexibility/Convenience

  • Room Lighting

A swing arm mount is required when:

TV viewing angle
When you would like maximum viewing flexibility or need the TV to be viewed from multiple locations (For e.g. Turning your living room TV towards the dining table during meals)
Avoid TV screen washout
When you need to accommodate a wide viewing area within a room and want to avoid screen wash-out or image distortion
TV viewing locations
When you would like maximum viewing flexibility or need the TV to be viewed from multiple locations (For e.g. Turning your living room TV towards the dining table during meals)
TV screenglare
When there is a bright light in the room and you want to avoid glare on the screen


What do the GS, CE and UL standards mean?

Mightymount has been tested and found to comply with the world’s leading safety standards for manufacturing mounts for electronic entertainment appliances: UL – US & Canada standard TUV – German Standard - the leading safety standard in Europe.

How safe are mightymounts?

All Mightymount mounts are supplied with safety measures to prevent the LCD from falling. Special locking screws secure the screen to the mount to prevent the TV from falling. Apart from that all mightymount products are made from die-cast aluminium, known for its anti-corrosion properties, durability and strength.


How do I install the mightymount?

All mightymount products come with an installation guide which gives you step-by-step instructions along with pictures for installing the mount. Alternatively you can also take services of a professional.

Can Mightymount be installed on all types of walls?

The nuts and screws supplied with the mounts are only suitable for constructed surfaces made of: concrete, bricks or wood frame. Mightymount is not suitable for attachment to gypsum walls, weak or very old surfaces. For advice or additional information about this subject, please contact AVART Customer Service, your installer or supplier.

After installation the screen is not upright. How can I straighten the screen?

Mightymount has a unique on-axis rotation feature which allows you to straighten the screen even after installation.

Does the product packing include all accessories required for installation?

Yes, in the product packaging you will find all the screws and nuts required to attach the mount to the wall and to secure the component to the mount, except for a small number of nonstandard screens. In the installation guide, you can view the list of accessories included in the packaging, as well.

What is VESA standard?

VESA is an international standard for flat screen (LCD and Plasma) manufacturers and for manufacturers of screen mounts, and defines the manner of attachment using screws. Mightymount LCD/ Plasma mounts comply with the VESA standard, and are suitable for screens with hole patterns for screws on the back of screens that comply with the standard.

50/75/100/200 indicated next to VESA compliance means compatibility with screens that have 4 threading holes (holes for screws) on the back of the screen, with the horizontal and vertical distance between each two threading holes according to 50x50mm / 75x75mm / 100x100mm / 100x200mm / 200x200mm / 400x400 mm.


Where can I buy a Mightymount swivel wall-mount bracket for my LCD or LED TV?

  • You can buy Mightymount wall-mount online from our webstore. We provide free shipping anywhere in India.

  • Alternatively, you can use our Dealer Locator to find a store that sells Mightymount near you.